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Social Media Strategist + Mentor

Let’s Start the Party!

Marketing + Visibility for POWERFUL women-owned brands who want to increase awareness, traffic & conversions


The Mingler Plan

A 6 month program for entrepreneurs to increase their online brand presence, build a strong marketing strategy that cultivates a loyal and engaged community, and increase their conversions, brand awareness, and website traffic/clicks.


I believe that Life is a Party 🎉 — so why do we have to be so serious when it comes to our business? I want to apply the excitement we get out of life to the business world (because who doesn’t like to have fun?). The Mingler Plan is inspired by the “newbies” who come to the party. You may not know the community well, you are trying to join the conversation, and you’re looking to make a good, and impactful first impression. 

The Party Planning Committee


Are you an entrepreneur who is wondering if your social media marketing is on the right track? Are you feeling like your marketing is falling flat and not reaching its target audience? Are you trying to increase your website activity and conversions with your service/product? Well, join the Party Planning Committee! You want to get this party started, but you just need input to make sure you’re set up for a rager!

A full audit of your social media account, personalized bio, hashtags, and colour palette!

Receive a FREE 30 day social media content calendar!


Let’s plan the best party yet — it’s happening at your business! 🎉 


Personalized Digital Portraits

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